Gyro Power Ball Arm/ Wrist Exerciser

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LED Wrist Ball Trainer Gyroscope Strengthener

Gyro Power Ball  Arm Exerciser Exercise Machine







Color: blue / green / orange / purple


Material: ABS, Metal alloy


Light Source: LED * 4


Battery: (built-in)


Size: 6.5 * 6.5 * 5.7cm




Packing List:


Fitness Gyro * 1


Rope * 1


Instructions * 1 




How to use:


1, holding the wrist ball with one hand, the opening part of the upward, the other hand will be the head of the rope into the hole in the center of the ball.


2, with the thumb of the hand holding the ball, turn the ball forward, the rope tightly wrapped around the center of the ball in the center groove.


3, when the rope around the center of the ball half a circle, stop turning the ball center. Use one hand to hold the ball, the other hand to pull out the rope quickly and let the ball center rotate at the fastest speed.


4, immediately open the part down, with the wrist part of the ball, until you can feel the speed of the ball can continue to accelerate.






DO not drop the ball on hard surface at any time,the heavy rotor will be damaged.


DO not touch the ball rotor when it is spinning at high speeds,it will burn.